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Sirius Lee, The Problematic Time Transplant is your classic time travel comedy caper with a musical twist. When Sirius Lee isn’t mastering quantum teleportation, he can be found busting bad guys, or spitting hot bars with wholesome messages! But, his old school ways won’t save him when he’s transplanted to modern-day Oakland in the year 2020.  He’ll have to contend with sky-high rent prices, legalized refer, and his estranged 45-year-old son Junior as he fights tirelessly to get back to 1980. 

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The Team


Sirius Lee is the brainchild of Theo Hollingsworth.  Theo is the writer, producer, and star of the comedic web series and brings his years of experience to this production.  

He’s created and acted in variety of different web series and short form web content during his career and works full time as a media producer and mentor for the San Francisco based non-profit video production company, BAYCAT. 


We’ve secured the support of LA based music producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Dave Marx to produce all the music for the first season of the series.  


Dave has years of experience producing music for various mediums, and his most recent solo project Nostalgic Summer is out now! Check out to learn more

The Crew

We’ve assembled a crew of diverse filmmakers to produce the first season of Sirius Lee: The Problematic Time Transplant. 

Many of the filmmakers are graduates of BAYCAT’s Young Adult Production Internship which trains Bay Area based women and people of color in storytelling and video production.


The crew is led by Director Fox Nakai, an Oakland based filmmaker and mentor with years of experience Directing Documentary and Narrative Film.  Check him out at


We had the support of many Bay Area-based businesses and organizations throughout the production process for season 1 including: 

7th West

Alena Museum


Have A Heart Dispensary

Hella Thrifty

Mandela Grocery Cooperative

Oakland's Own



Rhyme Combinator

The All Out Improv Comedy Theater


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